Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking a Sick Day

Being sick, sucks. Plain and simple.

Stuffy nose, clogged ears, fever, can't get your head off the pillow sick is not fun. I try REALLY hard not to get sick, but this winter has been absolutely wicked on me. I feel like I have had the same recycled sinus infection since right after Christmas and it keeps coming back for more. Moms in general should not be allowed to get sick. We are the folks who tend to keep it all together and when we are sick it's not that I am saying things fall apart, but they do become a bit undone.

Being sick and having a child with SMA or with any disability or chronic illness brings the whole "Moms should not be allowed to get sick" rule to a different dimension. When one of us gets sick in this house whether it is Ron, Heather, my Dad or myself we basically quarantine ourselves from Dyl. There is constant hand washing, antibacterial gel using, clorox wipe cleaning, etc that is happening all day long to try to hold off the spread of germs. Then we just sit back and pray that he doesn't catch whatever we have because if he does and he gets really sick it will turn our life into more of a tailspin than it already is. It is just hard for me to not be involved in what is going on with him ever...I am such a control freak that I feel upset when I can't pick out his clothes for school or make sure his bags are ready for the next day or read to him at night. I know that there are very capable people filling in for me (ie, Ron, my Dad & the nurses.) but being sick and out of control still gets on my nerves. Plus how many Jersey Shore and Law & Order Marathons can I possibly watch.

Need to feel better....fast so I can get back to doing what I do.