Thursday, August 4, 2011

Becoming Aware

August is SMA Awareness Month. This has always been significant to me since Dylan was formally diagnosed with SMA on August, 4, 2004. The reason I even remember this date is because Dylan had just turned 9 months old on that particular August 4th. It was an awful day when a doctor called me on the phone and told me that Dylan would likely die before he was two years old. I remember feeling completely empty and devastated. I remember looking at him the next morning laying in his pack and play realizing that he would never sit up, never walk, never run, never dance, never catch a football. My brain was on complete overload and somedays I still feel that way, like I am on total overload. I like to think that in the 7 years since Dylan's diagnosis which rocked my world as I knew it that I have turned devastation into hope. I believe in letting Dylan live his life to the fullest. Whatever he wants I try to make happen.  I no longer sit by and wait for tomorrow -- I do it now. I live for today because you just never know. Our time here on Earth is precious and I refuse to let SMA ruin my family's time.

SMA. Three letters that changed my life forever on August 4, 2004. I hope and pray that one day when these three letters are put together they mean nothing. Until that day we continue to pray for those who battle SMA every day and for those who are forever angels. Thank you SMA for making me aware so that I can be one of the people who brings you down.

Dylan one day after he was diagnosed with SMA

At Heather's Recital