Wednesday, March 14, 2012

La Isla de Encanto

It has been a really long time since we have flown with Dylan. Once he started having multiple complications with SMA we felt that the idea of flying was overwhelming and it made both Ron and I nervous. We then began our driving tour of the East Coast. We both knew that the time would come where we would want to fly with Dylan. We both wanted the kids to experience a lot more that just what is on the East Coast but were constantly putting this off with tons of excuses. Last year, Ron's brother announced his engagement and we were all excited. Andy and Adriana asked Dylan and Heather to be Ring Bearer and Flower Girl and we were thrilled. When we asked where the wedding was they told us Puerto Rico. I will not lie to you, Ron and I both looked at each other and said how will we get there. There is no bridge to Puerto Rico :-) We began to explore all options other than flying. Taking a cruise, driving to Florida and flying from there. We even discussed having Ron just go by himself. Then we both sat back one night and decided we needed to make this happen. Not only to be a part of the wedding which of course was important to all of us, but to move that next step forward with Dylan. Right then and there I called JetBlue and the trip was booked. There were tons of preparations that followed and some great advice from some other amazing SMA families who have flown with kids very similar to Dylan's type SMA.

The day finally arrived and Dylan and Heather were bursting with excitement. I of course was bursting with nerves. When we arrived at the airport a special agent checked us into security and examined each piece of Dylan's equipment. When we were finished we were off to the gate where they allowed us to pre-board. The flight attendants were very accommodating and before we knew it we were in the air on our way to Puerto Rico. Dylan did not stop talking the whole way there. After we landed and were settled in at our hotel I think Ron and I both felt so accomplished. I knew that Ron had been wanting to take the kids to Puerto Rico for a long time and that it meant a lot for him to be there with them.

Then the partying began and when I say partying I mean Cuevas style which is non stop action for the entire weekend. Highlights were Andy and Adriana's fabulous wedding, Alyssa and Heather's sleepover & getting to spend quality time with my niece, my Dad's credit card not working, Bob's laser beam glasses, Arthur drinking coconut juice, our van which was the size of a small island, Jet skiing, Loquillo Beach, fried foods, tropical drinks, celebrating Lisa's birthday, lots of laughs with Cathy and "Nick", our Trip to the Rainforest, visiting Ron's Aunt's house, Old San Juan, spending time with my handsome nephews, laying on the beach and getting to be with great friends and wonderful family in one of our favorite places, Puerto Rico.

When we arrived back in New York I turned to Dylan and told him that I was very proud of him and that he did a great job on the trip. He turned to me and said, Mama, thank you for taking me to Puerto Rico and making this trip happen. I know you worked hard to get us there. He then asked me when we could go to Hawaii!! Definitely to be continued.....

Old San Juan

Alyssa & Heather at Il Convento

Andy & Adriana, what a beautiful couple!!

The Wedding Party!!

Mike & Heather

Heather being Heather

Heather dancing with Titi Lisa

Meeting Baseball Hall of Famer, Tony Perez who happened to be eating at the restaurant where the wedding was held.